Friday, 19 December 2008

Belgacom Regime

If you thought BELGACOM is the telecom leader in Belgium, you were wrong. They are indeed the "largest", but definitely not the leaders. Leaders lead by giving example to others. They are in fact, the "largest dictators" of telecommunications in Belgium.

According to INTERNET WORLD STATS "The incumbent, Belgacom, is gradually losing market share in the telephone market as cable TV companies and other providers offer VoIP and mobile services to their traditional pay TV and broadband packages."

The fact that they are loosing marketshare is a very positive sign in a small concentrated market dominated by one big operator. But still, there is a long way to go.

Recently a new italian company opened offices in my building, in the heart of the European quartier. The first thing they did, after buying an office in the second flood, they called to BELGACOM (big mistake) and requested a telephone and ADSL internet connection (DAY 1).

On day 30, they knock on the door of my office begging to let them access to our WIRELESS networks so they could have access to the outter world until BELGACOM graced connection to the new established company. I agreed instantly, and without charging any cost to our new neighbours, knowing exactly what was going on with Belgacom.

On day 60, finally, the technician of Belgacom came to connect and activate the phone and internet connection to this new company. Yet, another practice against the competence appeared, the guy from Belgacom did not wanted to activate the phone lines (and therefore the ADSL) because this new company wanted to use an own telephone switchboard that they bought in Italy. The guy from Belgacom said something like....if you do not rent a switchboard from belgacom, I cannot activate the internet. And the guy left, leaving the company, with three employees, without connection to anything.


DAY 65. Finally the new company agreed to rent the belgacom swithboard (with the extra cost this means for the company) because basically they had no options:
-The competence would need 60 days more to install connection
-They lost so much TIME, ENERGY AND MONEY already.

It was not worth it.

This is the game of BELGACOM for proffessional customers.

In the case of my office, we have had the same ADSL connection for more than 4 years. During that time, BELGACOM has never reduced the price, increased the speed of connections, or improved the quality of service. Trying to change operator would mean taking the risk of not having internet for many days. We cannot afford this, so we follow our leader, BELGACOM.

Thursday, 18 December 2008


IRIS 2 is the new Regional Plan for Mobility

It is an strategic plan for mobility, it covers the period 2015-2020. Its objective is to make Brussels city more accessible, improving quality of life, reducing traffic jams (at least 20%) and reduce CO2 emissions. This is a very nice and idealistic approach.

They made a public survey to get feedback from people living in Brussels and its sorroundings. This is a very good thing.

I read some parts of the document, which can be downloaded from the website, and the plan is really something that results difficult to believe when I look at the streets of Brussels now, or whent I take the public transport.

To the people resposible of IRIS2, I wish you all the best and very good luck in your travel to Neverland.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008


I Have created my profile in FACEBOOK.

I have also created the facebook group SERVICE IN BRUSSELS

Smart Spectra's Facebook Profile

Wednesday, 3 December 2008


Taking a taxi in Brussels can be an adventure sometimes.
I have to say firstly that most of the times I use taxis in Brussels I have had no problems, but I want tou provide some advice as well as some interesting information about taxis that you should be aware.

The first difference between taxis in brussels and anywhere else is that you normally have to take them in the TAXI STOPS around the city, or call them through a phone call so they go to pick you up.
In other words, it is very unlikely that a taxidriver will stop in front of you in the middle of the street if you need him. Sometimes I see people waiting for a taxi in the street for several minutes without success, and no taxis are passing though or all of them are already busy.

Having in mind the above specificity of taxis in Brussels, what you need to know is the following:

The rates applicable in the Brussels-Capital Region
! New tariffs on 10/03/2008

Pick-up charge: € 2,40

Rate I (within the 19 communes of the Brussels-Capital Region): 1,35/km

Rate II (outside the 19 communes):2,70/km

Waiting fee :25,00 per hour (1)

Between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. customers are charged a flat rate supplement of € 2,00 (the taximeter is fitted with a clock-calendar that registers this flat-rate supplement automatically).

(1) Waiting time: the taximeter automatically switches to waiting time if the tax is driving at less than 20 km/h, for example in traffic jams, at red lights, etc.

(2) Rates above include VAT

These rates are normally visible inside the taxi, like the picture below:

More things to have in mind. In case of complaints, the Ministry has made available forms online that you can fill in. Of course, you should memorize some details about the taxi, i.e. LICENSE NUMBER, and driver name which should be always visible.


I have taken the rule of taking note of this information after I seat in the taxi, because you never know if you will have the chance later. Complains can be about speed, driving style, extra tours, etc....What is actually important here is that the Ministry of Brussels has open an easy door for users to send complaints. Now the ball is on your side, and it depends on you to change things. If you have any trouble, you have to speak up and complain, otherwise things will keep the same.

Thursday, 30 October 2008



Improving the quality of the service is one of STIB's top priorities. As a traveller, your opinion on different aspects of our service is of particular interest for us. Therefore, we would like to ask you to complete the questionnaire below. We thank you in advance for taking part in our poll.
Take this chance and be yourself!!!

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Stationner à Schaerbeek - YOU ARE NOT WELCOME

I recently moved to Schaerbeek, a big neighbourhood in Brussels. This post is dedicated to this area of Brussels, but I am sure the concept can be extended to the whole city.

Parking in Brussels, as in any big city of Europe, is very complicated. But in Brussels this is even more complicated than anyone could imagine. And besides, every neighbourhood has its own special rules. In Schaerbeek, this is so difficult to understand that they have even created a dedicated website to explain the rules to people. Of course, this clever idea doesn't work while you are driving and you strive to park your car around, or when you arrive to the city for the first time.

I was so astonished when I understood the system (rules of the game) that I could not believe it. Basically, unless you have a resident card of Schaerbeek, and have paid your parking fees, you cannot park the car more than 2h on the street. It is technically against the law. Not only foreigners are not welcome, but also people from other parts of Brussels or Belgium. Yes there are some areas with machines like this one:

But these machines are very seldom available, and only in some streets, and special spots. You could find yourself that there are no machines around three or more blocks. Not to mention the price (15 € for half a day, and this is the maximum allowed!!! Insane!!!)

So what I did is to contact The Brussels-Europe Liaison Office, which try to help expats solve problems and I asked about this issue. First they told me they were surprised to hear I cannot park my car on the street. When I explained the rules of Schaerbeek, they told me they were going to verify this with the “Commune”. So they called the police of Schaerbeek and the “Commune”. Surprisingly, the person in this office realized that I was right and these rules make no sense at all. She even suggested to pay the fine or park the car in a supermarket parking as an option!!!!!. Yet I asked her, What if my car is towed by the police??? She also found out thet apparently this doesn’t happen very often, but…IT CAN HAPPEN!!!!. This person, even found out that members of the European Parliament who live there, and have cars with foreign plates parked on the street, have had their cars towed because of these stupid rules!!!!

Once again, Brussels is full of surprises and stupid rules, administration and regulations that anyone can logically understand.
Thanks to The Brussels-Europe Liaison Office, , for trying to help. I hope ....and that is my only one, that they pass the message to the responsible persons on the Commune. I have a dream....a more user-friendly rules for parking.

Monday, 27 October 2008

The lack of effective competition on Belgian Telecoms

I quote a press release from the Commission:

The EU Commission calls on Belgian telecoms regulator to impose more effective regulation on fixed telephone calls.

The lack of effective competition and high tariffs in the Belgian markets for fixed voice calls could result from an ineffective implementation of telecoms regulation. Measures taken by the Belgian telecoms regulator, the 'Institut Belge des services postaux et des télécommunications' (BIPT), have not yet led to competitive prices for fixed line calls. In a letter made public today, the European Commission invites BIPT to ensure that wholesale remedies are properly enforced and asks for a new market analysis to be carried out within one year. BIPT should also revise its price control obligation imposed on Belgacom, the telecoms incumbent, to allow Belgian customers to make cheaper calls as soon as possible.

Belgacom's market share on markets for national calls services

(2003 2004 2005 2006 2007)
Residential – in volume 89 % 76 % 67 % 69 % 65 %
Residential – in value 87 % 73 % 65 % 66 % 66 %
Business – in volume 73 % 68 % 71 % 74 % 75 %
Business – in value 70 % 71 % 75 % 78 % 80 %
Source: BIPT, October 2008

Isn't it almost a MONOPLY ? ? ? ?

More info HERE

Friday, 10 October 2008


Queues in Brussels.

I am sure you have experienced them several times in Brussels.

Queues are normal, they happen everywhere. However Brussels has something about queues worth mentioning, and that is: People is used to it, and even worse, I think they like them.

I think that is one of the problem, people is used to it, and they do not complain, and that is why none does anything about it. What was first the chicken or the egg?

Well, believe it or not, I have never seen such a submissiveness for queues anywhere else in the world. There can be queues, but not always. When there are always queues in something, people must complain to the responsible people, otherwise none will move a finger.

Here there is a good example in Brussels: ATMs or Cash dispensers. Not to mention that most restaurants and shops do not accept credit cards, and also not to mention that most of the times these machines do not have more money.

Would you believe that in the whole MIDI train station there is only ONE ATM???

Look at it:

And would you believe in Zaventem international airport, until a few months ago, there were only TWO cash dispensers in the whole airport!!!!! (actually there was a third one in the inside post office, but you could barely see it). Fortunately DEXIA decided to put two or three more down there. But still, I think this is really crazy.

Anyway, until people don’t formally complain about this, it will always be like that.

Need some cash??

just wait...


This is what I saw the other day in the DELIRIUM TREMENS bar in Brussels.

Delirium Tremens, besides of a beer brand, it is a nice bar in the center of Brussels. It has the most extensive beer menu of the world. More than 2000 beers on the list. Yes, two thousand, simply amazing.

It is then a mandatory stop for any beerlover. But it also reflects the kind of service you should expect in bars.

After three years living in Belgium, I believe less than 5% of the times I have had table service in bars (Excluding hotels of course).

What else can I say?


Friday, 22 August 2008

Résiliation de l’abonnement Fit for Life - Passage Fitness Brussels

Today I am very happy, and I feel good.
I am going to share with you the why....

A few weeks ago I sent a registered letter to my gym to cancel my contract. Yes, my beloved gym in Brussels.

Passage Fitness First
Avenue des Arts 47/49
1000 Bruxelles,

In order to do that, I had to send a registered letter. I would like to tell you that you can use the same template if you want. You can DOWNLOAD IT HERE and modify it.

I hope you use it as I did. A very good friend gave it to me. Most of the people I know in this gym have canceled their contract too, and some have had difficulties to do it. Good Luck!!!

Of course, now I have to take care of how much I eat, and I decided to walk to my job everyday (half an hour time each time).

Be healthy.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

The European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net)

The European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net)

Who can you turn to if you have a problem with a product you bought in another European country?
Who can inform you of your rights and what you are entitled to as a European consumer?
If you have a complaint against a company or you are in a dispute with a trader, who can assist you and help solve your case?

The Network of European Consumer Centres is there to help with such questions and any other problems you may have concerning your activities as a consumer in Europe. The aim is that you should feel as confident when shopping in another country as you do at home.

List of centres Updated 16-06-2008 and centres' websites.

What is the ECC-Net?

The European Consumer Centres Network (ECC-Net) is an EU-wide network designed to promote consumer confidence by advising citizens on their rights as consumers and providing easy access to redress, particularly in cases where the consumer has made a cross-border purchase.

The Network was created by merging two previously existing networks: the European Consumer Centres or 'Euroguichets', which provided information and assistance on cross-border issues; and the European Extra-Judicial Network or "EEJ-Net" which helped consumers to resolve their disputes through alternative dispute resolution schemes (ADRs) using mediators or arbitrators.

The aim of the European Consumer Centres is to provide consumers with a wide range of services, from providing information on their rights to giving advice and assistance with their complaints and the resolution of disputes.

What services do the centres provide?

They inform consumers about the opportunities offered by the Internal Market.
They advise individuals facing a consumer-related problem and support them in pursuing cross-border complaints.
They advise on out-of-court-settlement procedures for consumers throughout Europe.
They provide consumers with easy and informed access to such procedures across borders.
They co-operate with each other and with other European networks such as the FIN-NET (Financial Network), SOLVIT and the European Judicial network in civil and commercial matters.
They provide information on EU and national legislation and case law
They conduct cross border comparisons of such things as prices, legislation and other issues of consumer concern.
They provide the European Commission with important ‘grassroots’ information on consumer concerns.

More info here

Tuesday, 8 July 2008


This is BELGACOM, the biggest telecommunication company in Belgium:

It looks very impressive. But, actually the reality of this company can be visualised in the followting pictures (I took myself):

Yes exactly, that is the real BELGACOM. A company that has had a privileged situation as being the ONLY telecommunications operator until not long ago. In other words, they were the kings of the jungle in Belgium. No one could touch them.

And what happens when you are the king, the number 1....????? It happens that you can only go down, if you cross your arms and wait. That is what happens with that telephone booth.

The downfall of BELGACOM is a reality with the entrance of competitive operators (VOO, TELE2, ELEVEN, etc..). Of course The King is defending its territory with its big teeth. But not for long time.

Today I am going to talk about the customer service of BELGACOM, I wouldn't actually call it like that, but they do. My last experience with them, was very dissapointing and disgusting. They don't care about you as a customer, the philosophy they aply is: "if youdon't like you go to another telecom company". Well I see. They don't give a shit about the quality of telecom. service they provide, and their e-mail and telephone for customers is really ....sad, and pointless, it just makes oyu loose your time.

We have a contract with belgacom for the ADSL Internet connection in my office. (needless to say I think the offer of ADSL connections is very poor and expensive) Well, very simple, we wanted to change the type of ADSL connection, and have a fixed internet address (IP address). We filled up the form, and send it by fax. We asked (TWO TIMES) them specifically by email: "WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE THE CHANGE? AND ARE YOU GOING TO CUT OUT INTERNET CONNECTION? iF SO WHEN?"

They replied, in other works, "you will receive a letter announcing this change, and the internet access will not be cut".

Internet access is essential in our office. Without it, we cannot work. Maytimes, we have deadlines at concrete days and time (e.g. MOnday 16th, at 17h GMT+1) for submitting reports, or projects. If we do not submit it before the deadline, all the work done is lost, (à la poubelle), and I mean, several weeks of work.

Guess what happened.....Murphys Law???? NO, NO, NO. I call it BELGACOM SERVICE. They cut our internet access during almost two hours on a monday working day, and without previous notification. The letter came later. Can you believe this?

This is not everything. When I called the customer service to notify the interruption of service, they were not capable of let me know WHEN they were going to re-establish the internet access in my office. Basically our options were: WAIT AND SEE....

Well, my piece of advice to BELGACOM is this: wait and see how you will end up, once all barriers for competition are gone.

Friday, 4 July 2008


Yes, because sometimes, just a small and tiny thing can make you so happy.

Today I sent an email to the Customer Service (Service Apres Vente) of the company CHAFFOTEAUX. It is a company that belongs to the big international group MTS.
The main business of CHAFFOTEAUX are all kind of WATER HEATERS for domestic applications.

They replied to my email just a few hours later and solved my problem. Isn't it that great?? Where can you find better service here???

A big applause for them!!!çI am so happy when things just work as they are supposed.

et Merci!

Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Letter from Zacharia

First of all, I am really glad you read my blog Zacharia, you must be the only one so far, I am grateful and happy for that. But….did you really read it? Or just had a quick look?


Votre blog et les commentaires que j’y ai lus m’ont franchement choquée et n’a fait que conforter l’opinion souvent répandue des expatriés travaillant dans les institutions internationales (et je suis loin d’être la seule) et dont les plus jeunes squattent les 4 coins de la place du Luxembourg : incapacité à s’adapter aux belges et à la vie bruxelloise, qui abondent en critique sur le bruxellois et/ou les belges qui sont soi-disant d’une grande froideur mais la plupart de vos congénères sont incapables de se faire un seul ami bruxellois et ce même parfois après avoir vécu 10 ans à Bruxelles, persuadés qu’ils ont tous les droits pour être désobligeant ou dénigrer le personnel dans les magasins ou les administrations bruxelloises sous prétexte qu’ils travaillent à la commission ou qu’ils font partie de l’élite des fonctionnaires européens, etc… et je sais de quoi je parle

That is a very long sentence, but allow me to react. First please let me quote the subtitle of my bloc, which I think you did not read.
“This blog is dedicated to all those individuals/private companies/institutions/public administrations/services/etc. who do not understand the meaning of two words:”service and clients”.In particular in the area of the capital of Europe (yes,I said THE CAPITAL).This blog will channel my anger, my rage and my will to change things in this respect, and I invite anyone to do the same here. This is the best way I’ve found to do it between an absolute lack of interest from those mentioned.”

This blog is not against anyone or any country. The purpose is to channel and disseminate my testimony (an others that may contribute) of experiencing bad quality of service in general in Belgium. I want to write what I think, because it is my right to express myself, and let the others know about that. You have no idea where I am from, where I work, how long I have lived here, and how many Belgian friends I have. That is none of your business or anyone else, and it is useless in this blog.

. Je travaille et j’habite tous près de la place Schumann et j’ai déjà assisté à plusieurs reprises à des scènes à la banque, au bureau de poste où chez l’épicier où j’étais horriblement gênée ….. J’ai pu aussi constater que quand on discute avec un de ces expatriés (et j’en ai souvent l’occasion) on peut constater après une petite vingtaine de minutes que votre interlocuteur ne connaît ni le nom du premier ministre belge, ne sait pas que la Belgique est un royaume, etc… un désintérêt total pour la Belgique et les bruxellois.

So you have been testimony of other people frustration…interesting to know I am not the only one. Again, and even if it is not my case, living in your expat’s bubble has nothing to do with the purpose of this blog and the quality of service.

Tout ceci peut vous sembler très stéréotypé mais j’ai eu la même sensation en lisant votre blog. Moi j’achète et consomme en permanence en Belgique et je n’ai pas rencontré toutes les difficultés que vous énumérez mais bon .... je comprends en général très bien ce qu’on me dit au téléphone (en NL ou FR) et de manière générale je ne pense pas que l’herbe est plus verte ailleurs.

So you talk of stereotypes? I think you were trying to put me inside one of yours, only having a glance to this blog, and without knowing anything about me.

Please tell me where did I say it in this blog « l’herbe est plus verte ailleurs » ?? where did I compare Belgium or Brussels to other cities /countries ? Again….that is not the purpose of this blog. …..Of course if you live in the dessert for several years, your body get’s used to it, that is what I discover when I discuss this topic with beilgians.

Heureusement tous les expatriés ne tiennent pas le même genre de propos que vous et j'ai pu en rencontrer qui possédaient une large ouverture d’esprit, curieux de rencontrer l'autre.

I agree, fortunately all expats are not doing the same blog.

Pour terminer, Monsieur, voici une petite phrase à méditer d’un sage monsieur et qui s’adapte tout à fait à votre cas : « Qui n’a pas quitté son pays est plein de préjugés » (C. Goldoni) ou vous pouvez toujours visionner l’excellent film de Cédric Klapisch « L’auberge espagnole ».

…so, who is stereotyping me here?

Thursday, 17 April 2008

C'est pas posible

How many times have you heard that response when you were in a Bar/hotel/café/pizzeria or simply a shoe store????

They just love it. They use it mostly when you ask something that is not on the menu (like pizza without one of the ingredients), or when you ask for a “special” treatment (like splitting the bill in two)

No my friends, these kind of small excesses are generally not allowed in Brussels. You must use all your power in order to get these small things. In other words, you must insist twice or more, you must ask to talk to the manager, you must go behind that person all the time and double check they don’t mess it up because probably they will, or you must even threaten them somehow. This makes me mad.

One thing I experienced to the maximum extent in this country is that everything, from the smallest redundant detail to the most important issue, can go wrong. You cannot ever count on anyone or anything, even your lawyer, your notary, your bank, or your insurance. The lesson here it: YES, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

So next time you hear from someone “c’est pas posible”, be sure they probably are wrong and what they truly mean is “I don’t give a shit bastard, leave me alone”.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Know your rights use your rights


I found some interesting links for consumers that are worth looking when you have some time:


, on line consumer education tools.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008


Honestly, what do you see when you look at the picture below???

You probably see a bunch of dumbs! and that is definitely the first thing I saw when I looked at the picture for the first time. But, what you probably don't know that these people are actually the board of MICROSOFT CORPORATION in 1978.

What I am trying to demonstrate here is that, no matter how you look like, you are not a dumb!!! Although in Belgium, I certainly have been treated many many times like a dumb by people that only see what they want to see. You must stand up and complain in this situations, SPEAK UP!!!!!

Tuesday, 11 March 2008


I want to list the "topics" I want to address in this blog during the following months. It won't necessarily follow this order, but this way, you can have an idea of what I am going to talk about, and of course, your contributions are welcome as usual.

-BANKING service (ING, FORTIS, etc)
-LAPEYRE (basically furniture and accessories for bathrooms and kitchens)
-BRICO (all kind of tools and materials for works at home and in your garden)
-QUADRUS, DALDECOR, INTERCARRO, ETC. (distributors of tiles and stones)
-CODITEL (I think they offer telecommunication services, or at least they try to)
-…and many more.



You probably know this gym, ever heard of it, or most likely you walked around it. If you come inside, a nice lady/gentleman will welcome you with a smile; she/he will show you he gym and invite you to sign a contract with special conditions that only apply if you sign right now. Excellent marketing. The gym itself is not too bad: good location, many machines and other clear advantages.

But that’s all folks. After you have signed a contract, you (the CUSTOMER) will no longer exist for Passage Fitness, unless you don’t pay your next month.

Sometimes I wish I had a T-SHIRT with “I HATE THIS GYM” written on my chest. The thing is that for me the location is very important, close to work, metro and home, and there are not many gyms in Brussels you can choose.

What follows, is only a small symbolic sample of the reasons why I HATE PASSAGE FITNESS CLUB IN BRUSSELS:

o BUSINESS CLUB: I am member of the so called “business” club. You probably wonder why it is called like that? Well, to be completely honest, so do I. Because you will pay more than any other passage in Brussels, and you will get the same, or even less. Here a few examples: The coffee is not for free (other passage fitness offer it for free), the maintenance of the equipment is very weak….Anyway, I guess they sell off the fact that the name is BUSINESS, but I assure you will get the same or less for MORE MONEY.
o ACCUEIL: The average intellectual coefficient of the employees is….far less than the average. That means that they don’t know how to react in face of a problem, they don’t understand that you are paying their salary, they don’t care about anything, they provoke queues at the entrance because they are on the phone, or because they are slow.
o CHANGING ROOMS: I know that the woman’s lockers are always full….Some times you have to wait a few minutes in the showers, or you cannot seat to change clothes.
o VIDEO-CLUB INTERNET ACCESS FOR FREE: I think it has been more than a year that the internet access for CUSTOMERS doesn’t work, and they last movie they have bought, …I can’t even remember. DO not let them to sell you these services, because they do not exist.
o MANAGEMENT-BILLS: If there is a delay paying your bill, you will receive automatically (next day) a letter from the gym threatening you. I actually think that this is the only real task the managers do, besides of sitting together and talking to each other. Wouldn’t it be easier first give a call to the CUSTOMER and try to solve the situation like persons???
o MANAGER: they will listen to you if you scream, or write a letters. You will even get a response. But you will never see the actions!!! I have been complaining for the same problems over and over, over a year, and I am still suffering for this lack of management.
o WEBSITE: They have one centralized website for all the clubs, where you can find information about courses etc. The problem is that they update this information once a year or less, and whenever there is a change on the schedule of courses, you will never know, unless you call the gym by phone. That is why they have a website, for you to call them to ask.
o CUSTOMER CARE: There is none. You will instead receive a bunch of spam, and post with promotions and stupid things to engage more friends in the gym. I have been a CUSTOMER for more than two years, and this is they only stuff I receive from them, besides of the rise on the monthly fee. Oh! I almost forgot, the first day you start in the gym, a “professional” trainer (his name was Sebastian in my case) will explain you how the machines work, and give you some indications on the exercises you should do, that is really nice, but after this 30 min session, forget about it. I have seen these trainers walking around the gym without doing anything, not even saying hello, not even giving you some advice, not even watching out for the CUSTOMERS (the ones who pay) to use the machines correctly and do not harm themselves, not even signalling problems with the machines, not even putting order in the chaos of weights (try to find two 8 Kg),…I could continue. If you want to talk to these professionals, you have to pay an extra 60 eur/hour. PUTAIN!!!!

You get all this, an much more for more than 70 EUR a month!!!. I wish I could do something to change it. I have tried, I have talked to the managers, to the people on the reception, but everything is exactly the same in this gym, they only care when you are about getting new CUSTOMER, and they do not care about the real CUSTOMERS . I am sure you have more to say about this wonderful gym in Brussels. So please go ahead with your comments or send them to me. Who knows, they might even read it.

Friday, 7 March 2008


I will start with the results of a poll made by the website in February.

Topic started on Mon 18 Feb 2008: Do you think you get good customer service in Belgium when you buy something?
Total number of votes:940

No comment. I think is better that you have a look at the comments of people directly.
Unfortunately I did not have the chance to participate.

I have two questions to all of you:


Feel free to contribute and send me your experiences.