Monday, 27 October 2008

The lack of effective competition on Belgian Telecoms

I quote a press release from the Commission:

The EU Commission calls on Belgian telecoms regulator to impose more effective regulation on fixed telephone calls.

The lack of effective competition and high tariffs in the Belgian markets for fixed voice calls could result from an ineffective implementation of telecoms regulation. Measures taken by the Belgian telecoms regulator, the 'Institut Belge des services postaux et des télécommunications' (BIPT), have not yet led to competitive prices for fixed line calls. In a letter made public today, the European Commission invites BIPT to ensure that wholesale remedies are properly enforced and asks for a new market analysis to be carried out within one year. BIPT should also revise its price control obligation imposed on Belgacom, the telecoms incumbent, to allow Belgian customers to make cheaper calls as soon as possible.

Belgacom's market share on markets for national calls services

(2003 2004 2005 2006 2007)
Residential – in volume 89 % 76 % 67 % 69 % 65 %
Residential – in value 87 % 73 % 65 % 66 % 66 %
Business – in volume 73 % 68 % 71 % 74 % 75 %
Business – in value 70 % 71 % 75 % 78 % 80 %
Source: BIPT, October 2008

Isn't it almost a MONOPLY ? ? ? ?

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  1. Well, yesterday a guy came to our office, he just set up a new business in town and just finished moving in to the new office in the same building. After introducting himself, he told us that they have now to wait three weeks to have the internet access activated. They just set up an office of three persons, and have to wait three weeks for an ADSL connection from Belgacom. INSANE.