Friday, 10 October 2008


Queues in Brussels.

I am sure you have experienced them several times in Brussels.

Queues are normal, they happen everywhere. However Brussels has something about queues worth mentioning, and that is: People is used to it, and even worse, I think they like them.

I think that is one of the problem, people is used to it, and they do not complain, and that is why none does anything about it. What was first the chicken or the egg?

Well, believe it or not, I have never seen such a submissiveness for queues anywhere else in the world. There can be queues, but not always. When there are always queues in something, people must complain to the responsible people, otherwise none will move a finger.

Here there is a good example in Brussels: ATMs or Cash dispensers. Not to mention that most restaurants and shops do not accept credit cards, and also not to mention that most of the times these machines do not have more money.

Would you believe that in the whole MIDI train station there is only ONE ATM???

Look at it:

And would you believe in Zaventem international airport, until a few months ago, there were only TWO cash dispensers in the whole airport!!!!! (actually there was a third one in the inside post office, but you could barely see it). Fortunately DEXIA decided to put two or three more down there. But still, I think this is really crazy.

Anyway, until people don’t formally complain about this, it will always be like that.

Need some cash??

just wait...

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