Friday, 24 September 2010

How does this country works?

I ask myself this question very often, I have many theories but I do not see the evidence for any of those. In other words, I don't understand.

Today I found this interesing video, and I am not sure whether I should cry or laugh after seeing it.

Good luck!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Rent a car in Brussels and get a traffic fine for free

My friend rented a car for a few days. After a few months she received this kind letter from HERTZ asking her to pay a traffic fine, and the extra charge. And all this for a fine she never got, look at the date please!!!!

Friday, 2 July 2010

"Soon" a new hotel in Brussels

And soon in Brussels means in two years time, in 2012.
No it is not a mistake. I feel like I am in a developing country some times. Why bother with bad service? Am I becoming indifferent?

Thursday, 24 June 2010


From Tuesday 1 June 2010 to Thursday 30 September 2010

The shopkeepers "welcome" you every Thursday until 8 pm in the Dansaert area, around the Grand Place, the Vismet and St Jacobs. Instead of kicking you out at quarter to seven, they will kick you out at quarter to eight. Unbelievable right? Take a look on the website to see all the animations, contests, practical information and the 750 participating shops.

Learn more about this:

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

YES WE CAN...give customer satisfaction

When I received this letter from my home insurance, I checked the Belgian-French dictionary to see whether the meaning of satisfaction was the one I thought.

After living in Belgium alomst 5 years, it is the first time a receive a letter like this. OK, I received emails, and online surveys.....but not a nice letter like this.

What is going on? are things starting to change? why do they care about customer satisfaction? I thought they only cared about bills and strict opening hours.....maybe I am wrong.

10.000 extra points for AXA!!!!!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The smallest bill ever!!!!!

Indeed one the things in which Belgians are the best in the planet is not "frites" it is BILLING.

However, why the hell should they care for 2 euro ??????

Even worse, I received this bill begining of april, and this bill is from a "service" I had 25 of January. And actually, I already received a first bill concerning the same service, but months ago.... I don't understand.

Only the paper and the envelope propable cost more than the amount due. But this is as real as sureal is Brussels. Maybe that is why they send it on paper, for you to believe it.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Well...I mean "slaves" not customers, since they were a monopoly at the time. I thought I said goodby to ELECTRABEL and its "terrific" customer service and bills two years ago, when I switched energy supplier to LAMPIRIS. But This week I received a bill from ELECTRABEL. Believe it or not!!!! they are sending me a bill for electricity that I consumed almost two years ago!!!!!!

How can they be so badly organised internally to do that? and how do they dare? they should be ashamed of their own customer relationshim management!!!! What a bunch of crooks!!!

Well done ELECTRABEL!!! usual.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Guess which video is for REAL!!!!

Number one

or number two?

maybe both?

Sunday, 31 January 2010

7 months,12 working hours,four pics,more than 20 signatures,and 29 eur.

It took me 7 months, 5 physical visits to "La Commune" during working time, 12 working hours, four pictures, more than 20 papers signed by hand, and approximately 29 euros cost.

I am an expat, and unfortunately or not, I do not work for EU institutions or NATO. And I say this because I heard they have special treatment for this.....Anyway, just to let you know, I work for a private company, and as any other individual from other EU country I had to go trhough the nasty and loooong process of getting the Belgian residence card in my "Commune", Schaerbeek.

This below is "La Commune de Schaerbeek". Beautiful Art Nouveau arquitecture.

First thing I did was to call "La Commune", told them what I needed and ask them opening hours. Well the lady gave me the opening hours.....but SHE DID NO TELL ME that inside the building, there is a little glass box where people queue for a number.....and the guy who works there, gives numbers only early in the morning. So there is no chance for you if you go there after 11am....

Can you imagine your life in a glass and wood box???? just go to "La Commune" in Schaerbeek. It is specially interesting to see how happy the guy replies to questions of citizens.

Once you have the number, they you have to wait....there might be 20, 30, 40 or 50 persons in front of you.....who knows. When I went there the second time, at was at the front door at 8am and there were already about 30 people wating. When the door opened at 8am, evertybody started to run like crazy to queue for the was even worse than those scenes you see on TV the first day of sales.

I was taking pictures while wating.....looking around so many people who seemed to have better things to do.

If you live in are very familiar with these picture I am sure. The thing is that I followed an strict timesheet in the whole process of getting my card. I lost 12 hours of my working hour time!!!!!!! multiply that for every worker that followed the same procedure than me and the numbers go crazy. Besides, I had to manage without the card for 7 months.

Finally I was so happy I wanted to cry.

My next challenge will be: Change of address.

May the force be with you.

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