Friday, 24 September 2010

How does this country works?

I ask myself this question very often, I have many theories but I do not see the evidence for any of those. In other words, I don't understand.

Today I found this interesing video, and I am not sure whether I should cry or laugh after seeing it.

Good luck!

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  1. Question:
    Why is your server typically busy and reloading does not seem to help? Additionally, my company's address is at ___ Avenue Lloyd George, yet your trip planner never is able to recognize this address. Also it doesn't seem to recognize French and Dutch names. What is the problem?!

    Dear customer,

    Thank you for your message.

    We are aware of the limited options our journey planner offers. That is why we will be replacing it soon with a new module.

    Because Brussels is a bilingual city the Dutch version only works with Dutch names and the French version only with French names. The English version only works with French streetnames.

    If you work with the English version you also need to choose certain criteria which are not marked by default: Choose the type of stop. We advise you to select them all which offers you more possibilities to find a result. You also need to select one of the following options: the fastest route, route with the least walking between stops or routes with the least changes.

    Best regards,

    ...Or your website could work in all three languages at the same time and it could by default select all the types of stops. But that really wouldn't get past the servers always being busy or it not recognizing addresses in the first place I guess...