Monday, 2 November 2009


Since I live in Belgium I buy more and more things onlince, and not because of price, but mainly because good service, quality of products and confort. It is my choice.

Consumer choice is being restricted by certain brands that are blocking the sale of legitimate products online. I would like to introduce you the campaign for consumer choice, supported by eBay, to stop unfair anti-internet trade practices.

Why should YOU get involved

Outdated laws are unfairly restricting your right to buy and sell goods freely. Even if you are reselling something you have already bought you could be targeted by brand owners for alleged illegal behaviour. This also impacts small businesses and can result in higher prices for consumers.

Take 60 seconds to watch this video about why you should support this campaign for consumer choice.

Typical welcome in a Brussels bar

In my last four years in Belgium, I think only once the waiter came to me and ask me what I would like to drink in less than a minute!!!!!

Last halloween I went with some friends (yes despite my looks I have friends) to a well-known beer bar at the centre. The room for non-smokers was almost empty, so we sat in two tables.

The owner came after 10 minutes to take the order. We were not fully ready since our discussion was very intentse, so we asked for 5 more minutes. Do you know what he replied??

"Please I need you to make your order now, I have to make business here!!!!"

We were then, completely speechless after such warm welcoming.

Welcome to Service in Brussels I said!

Changing banks is now easier....Can you believe it?

Sun 01/11/2009 - 14:50 From now on it is easier to change banks than it was before. All the customer has to do is go to the new bank and it will arrange everything for the client. One signature is all it takes from now on

Changing banks is now easy in Belgium. The customer just has to ask the new bank they want to use to arrange everything for him or her. The bank accounts will be transferred and payment facilities set up. The new bank also arranges the fixed payments that go out.

The new bank will also arrange the activation of new bank cards, and the deactivation of the former bank's cards.

The entire administrative operation takes a bit of time at the moment. From next year the entire operation should be able to be completed in 8 working days.

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