Wednesday, 7 April 2010

YES WE CAN...give customer satisfaction

When I received this letter from my home insurance, I checked the Belgian-French dictionary to see whether the meaning of satisfaction was the one I thought.

After living in Belgium alomst 5 years, it is the first time a receive a letter like this. OK, I received emails, and online surveys.....but not a nice letter like this.

What is going on? are things starting to change? why do they care about customer satisfaction? I thought they only cared about bills and strict opening hours.....maybe I am wrong.

10.000 extra points for AXA!!!!!

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The smallest bill ever!!!!!

Indeed one the things in which Belgians are the best in the planet is not "frites" it is BILLING.

However, why the hell should they care for 2 euro ??????

Even worse, I received this bill begining of april, and this bill is from a "service" I had 25 of January. And actually, I already received a first bill concerning the same service, but months ago.... I don't understand.

Only the paper and the envelope propable cost more than the amount due. But this is as real as sureal is Brussels. Maybe that is why they send it on paper, for you to believe it.