Wednesday, 15 July 2009

The key-copy swindle for expats in Rue du Luxembourg

A friend just arrived in Brussels a few days ago, and rented an apartment close to the European Parliament. He went to make a copy of of his key to Mister Minit in Rue du Luxembourg.

This is a picture of his key:

As you can see a very standard one, rather very common type of key.

Well, he was charged 6.95 eur for one single copy of the key. Can you believe it???

He paid more than double the price normally would cost in other “more reasonable” places. Is it the law of demand-offer???? I don’t think so, it is the law of the opportunism, and ingenuity of new people in the neighbourhood.

The funny think, and I told my friend, is that in Mr. Minit, if you make two copies of the same key, you get one extra for free!!!! ....Hilarioius!!!!

Welcome to Brussels Mr. Minit!!!