Wednesday, 29 April 2009

One year of life of this blog

One year ago I started my adventure creating

I thought soon I would run out of content and ideas to keep it alive. That is why I made an agenda at the begining. Surprisingly, in one year, I did not have time to write about all topics in my agenda, and I even wrote about many more new topics inspired in my day to day life in this city. 

Thank you to Brussels for giving my so much content to write here and have fun while I kick some ass. Thank you friends and readers who participate with articles, ideas, content, comments, and emails of solidarity. We all love this city, but still, some things need to be pointed out clearly in order to motivate changes and open the eyes of some. 

Thank you everybody.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009


I told you before about what happened with the company of my friend...they did not have internet for two months. 

Well, recently a similar story happened to me, in my place. I moved out to a new appartment and I decided to look for an Internet Service Provider in Brussels. In short, I decided to take a contract with MOBISTAR because basically they had a good offer, and very important, they answered the phone when I called them a couple of times to get extra details about their service. Surprisingly some competitors did not even answer to my calls. 

So far so good. I ordered my internet ADSL, and I received in a few days the modem-router and I just had to plug it, install it and let it run for ever and ever....

Any way, thanks to the BELGACOM REGIME in this country, my internet did not work due to some problem in the line of BELGACOM. Let me explain you this. The government has forced Belgacom to sublet their lines to competitiors in order to allow market competition in the ADSL market. In other words, even though I have a contract with MOBISTAR, actually the line and some part of the cable infrastructure belongs to BELGACOM. So MOBISTAR depends and relies on the diligence of the dictator BELGACOM. 

In real terms this evolved to the game of the chicken and the egg. What was first??

Belgacom said my line was OK and it was a problem with MOBISTAR infrastructure. 
Mobistar said everything on their side was OK and BELGACOM had sompe problems activating my line. And like this during two months until the miracle happened.

Today, my internet works and I am very happy. I dont really know what the real problem was. But I don't care. 

 In favour of BELGACOM I have nothing to say. They came twice and needed a lot of time to solve the problem. 

In favour of MOBISTAR I have something positive to say. Every time I called to the customer service they answered my call relatively quickly at any time, and replied to my questions and requests very politely and efficiently (compared to others). I am very satisfied with MOBISTAR and I am thinking to change my mobile phone contract to them as well. 

Congratulations MOBISTAR. You guys are making possible the opening of the belgian ADSL market.