Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Well...I mean "slaves" not customers, since they were a monopoly at the time. I thought I said goodby to ELECTRABEL and its "terrific" customer service and bills two years ago, when I switched energy supplier to LAMPIRIS. But This week I received a bill from ELECTRABEL. Believe it or not!!!! they are sending me a bill for electricity that I consumed almost two years ago!!!!!!

How can they be so badly organised internally to do that? and how do they dare? they should be ashamed of their own customer relationshim management!!!! What a bunch of crooks!!!

Well done ELECTRABEL!!!
...as usual.

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  1. The only thing that Belgian services do manage is billing their victims - I hesitate to call them customers. As for the service... well fugeddaboudit!

    After nearly 20 years in Belgium, I think the rotten service culture can be explained by a deep-rooted misunderstanding of the customer-service provider relationship: in your average Belge shop assistant's mind it's their duty to make sure you the customer are in no doubt that they do not have to do anything for you, & that you, customer, are not better than they are; they, the shop assistant, are not your servant or skivvy: a bit like in the old Soviet Union.

    In the end, I feel sorry for these scowling wretches. If you're nice to me, I might come back to your establishment, your establishment might just flourish, & your drab working day might go by that bit more quickly... Thank goodness for foreign-owned shops & online shopping!

    And of course when I go "abroad" (anywhere really - even countries that do not have a reputation for being "friendly"), & get normal service, I feel like royalty.