Thursday, 17 April 2008

C'est pas posible

How many times have you heard that response when you were in a Bar/hotel/café/pizzeria or simply a shoe store????

They just love it. They use it mostly when you ask something that is not on the menu (like pizza without one of the ingredients), or when you ask for a “special” treatment (like splitting the bill in two)

No my friends, these kind of small excesses are generally not allowed in Brussels. You must use all your power in order to get these small things. In other words, you must insist twice or more, you must ask to talk to the manager, you must go behind that person all the time and double check they don’t mess it up because probably they will, or you must even threaten them somehow. This makes me mad.

One thing I experienced to the maximum extent in this country is that everything, from the smallest redundant detail to the most important issue, can go wrong. You cannot ever count on anyone or anything, even your lawyer, your notary, your bank, or your insurance. The lesson here it: YES, EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

So next time you hear from someone “c’est pas posible”, be sure they probably are wrong and what they truly mean is “I don’t give a shit bastard, leave me alone”.

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  1. I can't believe I am just now discovering your blog. I love it! This is EXACTLY how it is here. On the occasion where you do find a helpful person, you are completely flabbergasted.