Friday, 11 July 2014

UPS what about Imagination, creativity, improvisation, proactivity...?

I hate to generalize but I often hear people in this country have no imagination....and I am starting to belive this is unfortunately most of the times true!!!

Imagination, creativity, improvisation, proactivity.......they should teach more of this in schools everywhere. These skills are essential to survive in the globalised world and compete in a service oriented environment.

Anyway...I am not here to give a lesson, but just to show you two (yes only two, but I have many more indeed) examples of the lack of these competences in Belgium.

First is our friends from UPS :

It seems that generally, when you ask someone to do something "out of the box" it is a problem for them, and they don't know how to get out the box....and I wonder if they are aware of it. Like this guy who didn't want to read the paper written by one friendly guy who was not at home and was requesting the delivery guy to leave the thing at his neighbour. Something easy to do but apparently not "in the box" of the UPS guy.

Example number 2: My old racing bike, with which I did a lot refurbishing work myself.

I went to three bike shops in Brussles. I repeat, three bike shops. I wanted to buy and install a back wheel rack as you can see in the picture above. Well guess what they told me in the three shops...."No way, we cannot do that, it's too old bike, there are no racks that fit this bike, we cannot do it....". Even one of the shops suggested I buy a new bike.....but what pisses me off mostly is that they made these statements by looking at the bike 5 seconds. They didn't care less for my old bike nor for losing some minutes to figure out if they coud find a rack suitable for my bike.

Well I ended updoing the job myself, and buying all the parts I needed online in french or german shops.


And by the way, some moths after this happened I bought a new foldable bike. This time I bought in a friend's shop in Spain, and even including the delivery to Brussels, the price was way better than buying the same bike here in Brussels.

 Damn it!!!! Never again I will trust bike shops in this city!!!!

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