Tuesday, 15 July 2014


I am become really sick when I go to cinema and besides paying for the movie ticket they made you pay for the toilet. How come? it is almost for sure you will need to go the toilet when you are in the cinema!!!

Interestingly, even some many cinemas let you out of the building directly after the end of the movie, without even giving you the chance to go to the toilet again withoug walking around the whole building.

Is that service? are they treating us like cattle?  .....well in my opinion yes.

Luckily I  discovered a cinema where the toilets are for free!!! yes amazing. But the down side it is Mons, not really next to Brussels.  http://www.imagix.be/cinema-imagix-mons
Well done IMAGIX!!! you are light years ahead of your competition.
There was even a paper written "Les toilettes sont desormais gratuits" including a smiley....very funny indeed. Sorry I could not take a picture of this time I would of course have posted it here.

May the force be with you when you go to movies!!!!

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