Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Less CO2 = More Euros for ELECTRABEL

GREEN PLUS ("VertPlus") 

  • 100% renewable energy, produced in Belgium. The guarantee that for every kWh of electricity you use, 1 kWh is produced from renewable energies such as sun, wind, water or biomass.
  • Free and exclusive access to personalized services designed to cut your CO2 emissions.


First question I ask myself. Does Electrabel tell me how much CO2 I am producing with my energy consumption????   or how much CO2 will I save????  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE

Another question: 100% renewable means 100% green????   NOOOOOOOOPE

You probably have already received their season free magazine in your mailbox "Energique". Again, I ask myself, how many tons of CO2 have they produced it to create and bring 4.5millions copies to our homes in Belgium????  They used recycled paper yes, but that does not mean anything when it comes to CO2 emissions. 

OKAY. Less CO2 emissions, but, at what price ELECTRABEL offers this? I honestly admit I am not able to calculate it exactly, but I am estimating it between 20% and 30% more expensive (price per KWh, including everything)

Well you have to read 6 documents in order to really understand it 100%:

  • Fixed price for electricity (only available in Dutch and French)
  • Fixed price for natural gas (only available in Dutch and French)
  • Indexed price for natural gas (only available in Dutch and French)
  • Special conditions (only available in Dutch and French)
  • General conditions (only available in Dutch and French
  • Appendix to the General Conditions in the Walloon Region (only available in Dutch and French) 
  • Appendix to the General Conditions in the Brussels Capital Region (only available inDutch and French)

Quite simple right????   This is because they want to hide the dark side of it.  IT IS MORE EXPENSIVE!!!!!!  So basically what ELECTRABEL is offering is: pay more for the same service, and feel.... better????


Green electricity is produced anyway in this country, and it will be more and more produced in time, whether ELECTRABEL wants it or not. It is not their decision, it is the Government decision. Will you change the world paying more for your energy?? Not with ELECTRABEL. Because they are selling smoke....CO2 smoke. 


It is no wonder why they promote energy savings among its clients in its magazine. They want us to consume less energy, but pay it more expensive!!!!


Besides, the small letter, which you always need to read carefully, says that you need to engage for at least two year period, three year if you live in Brussels. 


Still interested in paying money for nothing in the next three years????




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